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John Clark on 12/11/2004 15:23:55.
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John Clark
Reynard Thomson Ltd.

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Apple iSight...  [12/11/2004 15:23:55]

Hi folks.

As you know, I've techie tendencies which one might consider verge on the 'gadget nerd' side of sane. Anyway. I recently made the cold-turkey jump from the world of PCs to the world of Macs, and it's been a revelation.

Without boring you with the details, it is the single best step I've made in computing and computer-use in years. Liberating. As they say, "it just works".

Anyway, that aside, I am thinking about purchasing an Apple iSight so that I can do video-conferencing and the like, and I got to thinking that perhaps some of our many members might actually have an iSight also. I'd like to think that we've a reasonable Mac contingent here, though that's just a hunch.

So, if I buy an iSight (not too pricy) will anyone talk to me???



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Dave Appleby
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Apple  [12/11/2004 16:31:44]


You want a revelation :-)

Go with Red Hat on a home box running WINE.

Never look back.


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